The following people have already announced their presence at the ESOP:

Name Country Lecture
Paria Abouhamzeh Iran Timing Full Moon Occultations
Shiva Amirian Iran -
Sven Andersson Germany -
Wojciech Burzynski Poland Do It Yourself - cheap VTI based on Arduino project
Dietmar Büttner,
accompanied by Beate Büttner.
Germany A total lunar occultation with multiple contacts
Gerhard Dangl Austria Observation of a grazing star occultation in daylight
Michael Dohrmann Germany -
Eberhard H. R. Dr. Bredner Germany comes at the very last moment
Jan-Michael Dr. Lange Germany -
Eberhard Dr. Riedel Germany GRAZPREP - features and limitations
Leonard Entwisle England -
Konrad Guhl,
accompanied by Elke Guhl.
Germany observation of occultation by planets in the 19th century
Martina Haupt Germany -
Tim Haymes England Graze of 81 Tau - using GRAZPREP
Detlef Koschny Netherlands Kryoneri - a 1.2 m telescope with high-speed cameras
Gabi Koschny Netherlands -
Mike Kretlow Germany TBA
Peter Lindner Germany -
Fatemeh Montazeri Najafabadi Iran -
Jan Mánek Czech Republic Invitation to ESOP 37 in Czech Republic
Atila Poro,
accompanied by Samira Metanat.
Iran Simulation of Asteriod's rotation
Alexander Pratt England To be announced
Vaclav Priban Czech republic -
Wolfgang Rothe,
accompanied by Gisela Rothe.
Germany -
Andreas Tegtmeier,
accompanied by Carmen Tegtmeier.
Germany -
Nikolai Wuensche,
accompanied by Annette Wuensche.
Germany -